Reducing Your Labor Costs With Managed IT

Have you ever wanted to control the cost of IT? When you outsource your IT to a managed IT services company, you put this budget into fixed costs that allow you to budget more effectively. Essentially, you pay for what you need as you need it. If you are going to hire and train IT staff in-house, it not only costs you a lot in the long term, it can also cost a lot to train them. In addition, the employees do not always live up to expectations.

When you outsource your IT, you focus your human resources on the most necessary areas. You local IT service providers should have trained, experienced, certified and qualified technicians who are waiting to assist you. How can you make sure that you have a qualified employee? Check to see if he or she has a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. However, while this is important, do not overemphasize it without looking at experience.

When you have an in-house IT employee, they will lead an isolated existence. They have only worked with your company, so they have not learned what works at other companies. You can increase your efficiency and competitiveness when you have IT staff that can see outside the box. Interested in learning more?

Avoid Throwing Bandwidth at the Problem

You have probably heard the saying to avoid throwing money at problems because it is not the answer. A quick fix will oftentimes not hold up as a long-term solution. As it is with money, you want to avoid throwing your bandwidth at the problem. When you have an issue with performance, one of the first things that people will go after is the bandwidth. A lot of IT experts will even immediately say that the problem with the network could be with bandwidth. While a slow network could be due to a lack of bandwidth, it is not always caused by the lack of it.

If you are going to effectively diagnose the problem, you have to first determine the cause. As you are doing this, however, the people who are relying on you could start to question your abilities to give them reliable bandwidth. If you want to maintain your reputation, here is what we recommend.

We recommend business owners looking into receiving a professional bandwidth audit that helps you to uncover the most-effective and best options available. If you are facing a problem with bandwidth, SynchroNet Industries Inc can help. You submit your address, and we will review your contract to identify the source of the problem.